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The old saying goes, what’s in a name? With the massive influx of vacation rental properties. You really want your home to stick out above the rest. Reviews are extremely helpful, but before renters can even get to that, their attention needs to be drawn to the property. A unique name, property description and thumbnail picture really needs to make an impression that will get your potential renter to click on the property and start looking at everything you have to offer. A tagline like Beach House just 2 blocks away is generic and there are so many so many of those it’s hard to keep count. 

When deciding on a name you’ll need to first brainstorm. If you find yourself coming up with generic terms, pull up thesaurus and look for less common words that are attention grabbers. Look at all of your pictures and pick out any features that really standout. It could be anything from the style of the house, landscaping or the views. Keywords are vital in SEO searches and really help with rankings on google and other sites. 

While researching and brainstorming think to yourself, what you would want out of a vacation rental. What is going to grab your attention when booking a trip? Try to personally remove yourself from your property as hard as that is and really think about all that your home has to offer. Take those thoughts and put pen to paper. 

Next, you’ll have to come up with a description. Another thing that tends to get generic with rental listings. When describing your rental, you’ll want to visually walk the potential renter through the home. Describing the layout, bedrooms and all the amenities your home has. Then you will want to describe the area. What does your city and surrounding towns offer? You can change it up throughout the year if you’re limited on a word count. If you feel writers block, ask yourself, why you decided to buy there. What made you choose that home over another. You could even look up the old real estate description from when you purchased the home. Another idea is look at all your real estate sites and look at beach houses for sale and their descriptions. That could spark your creativity!

Branding and Marketing are so important to a successful rental. There are so many free tools at your fingertips. You can use rental sites and social media to attract renters. The key is making sure you have the perfect and inviting words that make them want to book. 

List it in the description, get creative and let the words flow!