We’ve discussed many topics for your home from; Marketing, Cleaning and Inventory. Now that
you have all of that in place, your home is booked and you’re preparing for your first guests
arrival. Regardless of the advertising avenue you use for bookings, many have their own
confirmation and guest management systems in place. Do not be dependent on these, always
send an immediate follow up email to confirm dates, how many people will be staying and if
there are any special needs, etc. In my personal experience I’ve had a couple times where
dates were put in incorrectly by the guests unknowingly and they were so thankful that we
caught the mistake immediately. Not every renter is tech savvy and it is nice from a renter’s
perspective to have a contact person. As much as we like the convenience of technology, once
our vacation begins, it’s nice to have a person for direct contact for any additional questions or
concerns that may arise when planning and arriving for their vacation.

So now you have the booked property, the dates are confirmed, the next step is to inform your
guests of any additional information on your home. This includes everything from driving
directions to a very detailed explanation of how to use technology in the home. T.V.’s, sound
systems, Thermostats, etc. The more information they have prior to arrival the better prepared
they are for their stay. It is also greatly appreciated by guests.
Some homes are hard to find and not every guests arrives during daylight hours. Many
neighborhoods do not allow signs. So, when guests arrive late at night, seeing an address isn’t
always the easiest. As well as not all GPS apps are accurate. Sending a detailed map is
invaluable to them.

You will also need to decide how your guests will access the home once they arrive. Will you
personally greet them or will the home be on a lockbox. Prior to arrival make sure the lockbox is
working, if that’s how you choose to let them in. Make sure all the keys work and that they have
two copies. Sometimes you will have multiple families and two keys are needed.
Another wonderful thing to provide to guests is a welcome book that stays in the home. Just like
many hotels and resorts. When guests check into their rooms they have information packets. It’s
best to have your guest books with all of the information that you previously provided to them
inserted in the book as well. An added bonus is filling them with local menu’s, things to do and
restaurants that you recommend. You can pick these up locally at a welcome center and
restaurants, They are free and an excellent source of information for guests. Not to mention,
greatly appreciated.

Whether you are using a professional management company or doing this yourself. The more
information you have for guests prior to arrival is better. It’s shows that not only are you a great
host but you care about your renters.

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