We’ve discussed Cleaning, Function and Security in the past as the 3 main factors. You should now have all of these in place. Many homes I see on all of the vacation rental listing sites aren’t marketed to the best of their potential. For the most part, homes are set up pretty similar when narrowing down your filtered search, but unlike selling a home, vacation rentals don’t have open houses or allow any sort of preview prior to booking and checking into the home. So potential renters rely solely on pictures, descriptions and reviews. Pictures are a big part of getting your home booked the fastest. Regardless of shape or size, not every renter can afford a million dollar lakefront. There is a customer for every budget, size and amenities that you offer. The key is Marketing. 

Professional Photos and Videos showcasing your home can have sticker shock when looking and comparing pricing. I can tell you with absolute certainty having poor pictures that are dark, not staged and visually unappealing will cost you a minimum of triple in lost revenue. This is your one chance to let people see the inside of your home and WOW them. There is a huge influx of vacation rental properties in the last couple of years, every site has a mobile app and potential renters scroll through multiple listings and whatever thumbnail photo they excites them is when they click and start looking more throughly at what your home has to offer. The minute they start looking, they typically book immediately, I’m also a huge fan of some sort of virtual tour as it gives depth and a better visual of the layout. Certain types of virtual tours are better than others. I suggest staying away from some that tend to bend the rooms to much as it doesn’t give an accurate depiction of the home and can sometimes be construed as trying to make it look bigger than it is. 

Next is the description. List every single amenity you have. This includes kitchenware, beach equipment, luxurious linens, etc. The more you offer the bigger return on investment. I constantly look at comparable listings to see what they have and I don’t or vice versa. In any market, you should always know what your competition is doing. This subject really speaks for itself. 

Reviews are vital. They are also the hardest to get whether your renter has a good or bad experience. Not all websites rank you based on reviews but a lot do. If you have amazing pictures and poor reviews, you will have a hard time getting booked. Most people are pretty kind and thankful for you to share your home with them. Some are not, some websites allow a general review and then enable them to leave private feedback as well. One way to really boost renters giving reviews are offering discounts for next year, a gift card ($20), also checking in on them, while they are there. Setting yourself and property above the rest, is what will make you stand out!  

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