In my last article we discussed home maintenance and cleanliness. Assuming that you’ve done all of that and your home is now sparkling. Another important factor is inventory. Like a well run business you need to keep customers satisfied by staying ahead of potential problems. You can achieve this by focusing on Functionality, Comfort and Security and that will put you ahead of the competition. 

Functionality, something that is often overlooked. If it’s not being used, it’s often not checked. Assuming it’s been cleaned, first check your kitchen; are all of your small as well as large appliances functioning as they should. Check your cabinets are there enough plates, stemware, flatware, etc? If you sleep twelve, you need to accommodate for twelve. If you sleep ten, you need to account for ten and so on. I’ve seen homes, set up to sleep 15 but it only had 8 serving sets in the kitchen. This is doesn’t work nor is acceptable to guests. If the kitchen inventory is set, then move onto your electronics. The first question people ask is there wi-fi. Turn on all of the t.v’s, check the router and making sure everything is functioning as it should. Next check all of your light bulbs and replace as needed. 

Comfort, everyone wants luxury even if it’s at a budget price. Set the thermostats to an appropriate temperature for the time of year. Check that all paper supplies have been replenished, also include soaps and detergents. Check all linens and towels and replace as needed. Over time they get worn quicker than average. Make sure beds have enough pillows and that all blankets are accounted for. Make sure your welcome book is in order and placed where your guests can see it upon arrival. 

Security; quick, simple and easy but by far the most important! Make sure all valuables are in a safe and secured place if you so choose to leave them there. Make sure the guests left everything as when they arrived and make immediate notes of any damage. See that all keys are accounted for and in the correct location for the next guest. Check the lockbox or space you leave the keys and test that it’s functioning properly.

By making sure your inventory is stocked and functioning, it will lead to more 5 star ratings and reviews. Functionality, Comfort and Security on top of cleanliness, will lead you to successful rentals!  

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